Reflections Practice Ltd is dedicated to supporting you, your family and your organisation.

We are driven by a passion for rights with responsibilities. We offer a non-judgmental approach with our support services however we expect our clients to welcome change and want to better their current situation. We can do the rest!


In our adult life we overlap with the badges we wear. Our job as a partner, friend, parent and our role in the work place can be a little complicated. Over time we can absorb others negativity, repeat behaviours that keep us going in circles. Eventually we end up thinking that we can’t do any better than what we have now. A friend can be positive about our potential but may not have the knowledge on how to achieve what we want.

No ... we don’t get you jumping on chairs, hugging strangers or walking on hot coals. If you want that, don’t call us.

We take you as an individual and support you through changes that you want to make. Take into account the reality you live in and support you to make achievable yet stretching goals.

We do not operate a 9-5 policy as sometimes you need a supportive phone call on your way to your meeting at 7am.

It’s your world, your reality and our methods.