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We are driven by a passion for rights with responsibilities. We offer a non-judgmental approach with our support services however we expect our clients to welcome change and want to better their current situation. We can do the rest!

Personality Profiling

Our consultants have a background in Psychotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming and qualified to assess personality types using the DiSC® system. Based on the 1928 work of psychologist William Moulton Marston this Personality Profiling System uses a four dimensional model of everyday behaviour. Used by over 50 million people it improves communication, relationships, productivity and teamwork both in professional and personal lives of its users.

An hour spent with our consultants will provide you with a detailed report. A further hour spent on analysis and evaluation is used to embed the understanding.

Two separate meetings of one hour each is arranged at a cost of £200

To arrange a consultation please contact:

Dawn French
Senior Practitioner