Reflections Practice Ltd is dedicated to supporting you, your family and your organisation.

We are driven by a passion for rights with responsibilities. We offer a non-judgmental approach with our support services however we expect our clients to welcome change and want to better their current situation. We can do the rest!

Sign Language Support

British Sign Language tutoring is provided by professionally qualified staff, each with over 10 years experience of teaching Sign Language

Corporate Training Programmes

We deliver Deaf Awareness training and British Sign Language training for a mix of organisations. Bespoke training is developed taking into account your sector development, current and future needs. Our team of consultants will use their knowledge and additional research to produce a suitable programme.

Deaf awareness sessions can be given to all ages and all backgrounds. We insist on a detailed brief in order for us to deliver a session that is a catalyst for change and gives you answers and practical support. From introduction to British Sign Language at a simplistic form for toddlers, to helping people adjust to a new environment and language after hearing loss, Reflections can support and train you and your people.

Individual Programmes

Many people say to us they have wanted to learn sign language but commitments to existing courses, work, children or family means that going to college every week for a year adds pressure they can do without. Especially as it would be learning for an interest rather than to get a piece of paper.

We have listened to you, and we now offer products to teach you the basics of sign language. You can buy a CD rom and sit and learn in your own time. But what if you have a question? If you buy a CD rom from us our team is part of the package. Just email us or call us. We can provide 1 to 1 tutorials from £30 per hour which have no minimum commitment. So ... what’s stopping you now ?

We can tailor our CD roms on request to meet the requirements of a sector area, ie. retail or healthcare. So if a group of you want to learn at work, talk to us lets see what we can do.

"Some people want to know what sign language is before they commit to a course, most colleges don’t do a trial period. Most businesses have realised that the consumer wants to see something before they buy it. Life styles are different now, what about shift workers, single parents who have to get babysitters, Reflections believes if you are interested in Sign Language you should have access to material. People want flexible learning ... with our products you can watch and listen at the same time even learn as a family with your children and partner"
- Dawn French, Managing Director, Reflections Practice Ltd.

Professional Interpreting

Fully qualified professional interpreters work with D/deaf people to support them in their environment. If you are in need of this service then contact us.

Rates vary and can be supported by Reflections Welfare service.

Communication Support Work (CSW)

We have a team of CSW's who work to support D/deaf people in their work or personal life. Our team has a range of different specialisms and sectors so that the person with the most appropriate subject knowledge can be used.