“Our son has Asperges, ADHD and Dyslexia.  We have had 5 years of on going support, from call outs, emails, phone calls, regular appointments and even attending meeting with him at his work place.  Our key worker is so supportive and allows us time to step back and not always be the bad guys.  She puts systems in place that work to support the whole family.  She encourages him to take responsibility and we have seen so many changes over the last 5 years”
- Steve B, Newark

“With coaching and educational support from Reflections it was suggested I might have dyslexia.  At 16 years old they helped with the diagnosis and accessed financial support for me to be able to complete, successfully, 2 years at college.  I am now at University and they also helped with the Higher Education paperwork to access disability funding for my additional support”
- Name withheld for Internet Use

“I knew my employers were not being fair. I am not the type of person that wants to argue and cause a fuss. My Reflections key worker asked lots of questions about my work and the personality of my boss and co-workers and then came up with a step by step approach. She designed a general leaflet outlining a ‘case’ and legal references, and told me to leave it in my desk. My key worker made an excellent judgement and asked the right questions, she gave me a practical way of sorting things without an argument at work. A week later my boss called a team meeting and told us that they are making changes ... Strange? I didn’t need to rock the boat in an aggressive way to make the point.”
- Sarah J - Grantham